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eVent™ SD

Small Diameter High Efficiency Appliance Vent


eVent™ SD is a modular double wall prefabricated stainless steel vent and exhaust system used in venting high efficiency appliances that require a positive, neutral, or negative draft and are listed as Category II, III, and IV with a maximum flue gas temperature of 550˚F and 40" w.c. positive pressure.

Sections are provided in lightweight, easy-to-handle lengths. Connections are sealed with  pressure tight drawbands and high temperature sealant. Straight sections, variable length joints, tees, elbows and support devices are offered, allowing a complete exhaust system to be assembled from  standard components. eVent™ SD utilizes an AL 29-4C® liner with  a 1" air gap between the inner and outer shell.

eVent™ SD is available in even and odd diameters ranging from  4" to 14". A complete line of straight sections, variable lengths,  tees, elbows, rain caps, roof penetration components and support members are offered.

eVent™ SD is also available in a single wall option


Lifetime guarantee

  • Corrosion-resistant, 24-gauge AL 29-4C stainless steel designed to last the life of the appliance

Saves installation costs

  • Fewer hangers/support plates due to structural integrity
  • Fewer joints to assemble due to long straight sections ( up to 71”)

Saves space, time, money

  • Largest diameters in industry: allowing common venting equals fewer stacks, fewer roof penetrations, lower costs

Provides trouble-free installation

  • Industry’s highest pressure rating of 40” w.c. ensure leak free joint design
  • Fully welded inner and outer liners


  • For gas-fired appliances listed as Category II, III and IV
  • For maximum flue gas temperature of 550°F and 40° w.c. positive pressure
  • Gas vent type BH, Class 1/Class II (245°C)
  • Other applications calling for AL 29-4C vent
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eVent™ SD

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