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FyreGuard™/SlimVent™ Complete Grease Duct Systems Provide Great Advantages

Don’t rely on field-fabricated insulated grease duct work anymore. Schebler Chimney System’s engineering team offers you a complete code compliant system design meeting IMC, UMC and NFPA standards. Our system, utilizing UL listed and classified products, ensures the highest level of safety while greatly reducing space requirements and installation cost compared to field-fabricated grease duct.

Offered exclusively from Schebler Chimney Systems, a FyreGuard™/SlimVent™ complete grease duct system provides two key advantages: a factory fabricated UL 2221 Classified product with zero-clearance to combustibles and two hour fire rating, plus the low profile height of a rectangular duct for overhead clearances.

FryeGuard / SlimVent duct systemsWhile field fabricated rectangular products fit well in overhead spaces, they lack the fire safety of products that have the UL 2221 Classification. Additionally, a rectangular duct’s square corners reduce airflow, increasing the potential for grease collection inside the system. 

Only Schebler offers a complete system utilizing SlimVent™ obround grease ducts, ideal for horizontal runs, and FyreGuard™ round grease ducts for vertical runs. Both SlimVent™ and FyreGuard™ grease ducts are prefabricated, double wall products that don’t require field welding or secondary insulation. All sections assemble with v-bands and sealant for easy installation, so no field welding is required. 

Field-fabricated systems force you to rely on multiple entities to ensure the safety of your ducts. Don’t take that risk. Count on Schebler Chimney Systems to design and install the entire grease duct system for you.

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If you want us to come in and talk with you about grease duct system design and code compliance. We’re happy to do it, too. We want your projects to be as safe as possible.

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