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More Options For eVent™ DualSeal™

Additional stainless steel material ensures supply.

Now Schebler Chimney is offering the venting system in cost effective 316L stainless steel as well as 24 gauge AL 29-4C®. Having two options for inner liner material allows us to meet any appliance manufacturers’ requirements while controlling product cost and raw material supply.  

“Obtaining UL 1738 approval for 316L allows us of offer all the benefits of our eVent DualSeal product – especially a three year leak free guarantee and life time warranty – at a lower price point,” said Mike Mommsen, national sales manager.

eVent DualSeal’s patent-pending flange to flange, factory-applied gasket to gasket design overcomes the engineering defects common in standard joint connections which cause venting systems to leak. The robust construction of the UL 1738-listed product reduces the number of supports and hangers required, cutting installation labor costs up to 30%.

Most manufacturers of special gas venting systems utilize a male to female gasket joint designed to accommodate the condensate drain back flow. However, with this design, the exhaust gas flow, which contains large amounts of corrosive condensate, can easily be forced past the gasket if fit-up is even slightly imperfect. eVent DualSeal allows the exhaust gas with condensate to flow over the gaskets, creating a complete, leak free seal, eliminating costly call backs and facility damage. 

While most manufacturers offer a warranty – meaning they’ll ship replacement product for the contractor to install – Schebler will send their own technicians to fix leaking issues, relieving contractors of the liability.  

In addition to the superior joint design, eVent DualSeal utilizes Schebler’s new RapidLock Connection System for quick and easy installation. RapidLock’s clam shell, one piece design, makes it easier to capture the flanges in the band compared to traditional one piece bands, reducing installation time and cost while ensuring a secure joint connection.  

“We are very pleased that this new product is performing as expected and that we can now offer this additional cost-effective stainless steel option.”

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