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Maximize the efficiency and performance of your high-efficiency boiler or hot water heater

Boiler and hot water heater venting systems aren’t what they used to be. Today’s high efficiency condensing appliances require special considerations compared to traditional non-condensing appliances.

Schebler Chimney Systems is proud to provide you with an engineered venting system that maintains the desired condensing dew point of combustion and prevents excess draft - Sequence Draft Control™. This system utilizes our eVent™ Series dampers at the outlet of each appliance to maintain the factory recommended firebox positive pressure or negative draft condition at all times. The damper accounts for appliance firing rate stack temperature, outside air temperature and other operational anomalies.

Systems with inadequate natural draft may utilize Schebler's WingFan draft inducer to ensure stable exhaust flow regardless of the number of appliances operating or firing rates.

We can provide a design solution customized to fit your specific building and appliance requirements, using off-the-shelf components from the appliance outlet through the roof. Our engineering and manufacturing specialists provide comprehensive engineering from start to finish – including design, sizing, load calculations, fabrication, and start-up. We can also help your engineering staff with skilled backup and consult services to reduce internal workloads and ensure accurate design. This includes draft calculations, CAD support, 3D modeling and mechanical specifications.

Interested in learning more about Schebler Chimney Systems’ Sequence Draft Control™? Download our brochure below or visit our Resource Center here to find a large library of brochures, case studies, videos and pictures showcasing our industry-leading product and how it’s being used by a wide variety of satisfied customers.

Sequence Draft Control Case Study

Wyoming events center benefits from use of hybrid boiler and venting system.
Engineered Products consulted Schebler for a solution for the unique venting challenges.


Sequence Draft Control™ Brochure

Today’s high efficiency condensing boilers and hot water heaters require special considerations compared to traditional non-condensing appliances.

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Interested in learning more about Schebler Chimney Systems’ Sequence Draft Control™?

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